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1936: With that coat, she should ask him in


I’m a huge fan of the vintage ad illustrations and editorial copy-writing of the 1930s: the prose has the style and flair of the tailoring.  Here’s a classic!

Esquire, February 1936
: “The point is, it isn’t every guy can get a coat with a fur collar, from which we argue that it isn’t every gal can get a guy with a fur collared coat so we want to shout worldly advice to the lady. We don’t think she should be quite so indegoshdarnpendent. Of course, it isn’t every girl can have a coat and hat of Persian lamb, either, so maybe she knows best. Persian lamb, they tell us, is the ultimate fluff in women’s wear this year, and here’s a man wearing a double-breasted town ulster with Persian lamb collar and lapels. Only he didn’t get the idea from any woman. Old King George’s boys started it for men. Their coats, as it happens, are also lined with eastern mink. Yours can be too, we suppose, if you insist and if your insistence is prepaid. Anyway, this coat is a medium weight town ulster with military lines, worn with a rough finished derby and dark grey suit.

You can see many of these at the superb blog.

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