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Dads, enjoy your weekend the JFK way

Hyannisport_Weekend._President_Kennedy_with_cigar_and_New_York_Times._Hyannisport,_MA,_aboard_the_-Honey_Fitz-._-_NARA_-_194268 (1)I love the weekend.

And this great image from the National Archives has always summed it up for me.  If’s from a series taken of the First Family during 1962.

It rarely has the most peaceful start.  When you wake to a couple of hours of quality early-morning, coffee-fuelled man-time with your three year old son, then conduct a kids’ brass band, your Saturday morning isn’t exactly restful.

And those people like me who are silly enough to be heads of corporate communications rarely spend time away from the ubiquitous iPhone, whether checking feeds or alert for emails and calls.

But the weekend is great.  This picture sums it up.  John F. Kennedy, the most powerful man in the world when it was taken, with cares too many to mention and awesome responsibility, chills in Hyannisport aboard the Kennedy family yacht Honey Fitz.  Not that we have one of those, but we have the deck by the river, which I suppose is akin in spirit if not in Massachussetts.

Varsity t-shirts and old khakis we can do.  Sunday mornings we have.  And we can all aspire to the great combination of a cigar, sunglasses, and sports pages.

Dads, enjoy your weekend.

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