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The weather outside is frightful…


My son is extremely impressed with Mark. Mark is just an ordinary bloke with a gardening business. But he has the coolest truck, which comes with wood. Seasoned, split hardwood logs to be exact. Whether it’s the fact that the truck tips up at the back or that Mark gives JJ the opportunity to spend an afternoon doing manly things with His Dad, Mark is up there with the best in a three year old’s world.

We’ve had our first winter delivery this weekend. Long suffering Mam has patiently helped a little boy pack the logs into baskets to bring inside, from where they’ve been slowly (oh so slowly!) passed up to Dad on the old stairs to stack. Cue much gentlemanly conversation about ways to stack wood, and pint-sized puffing and panting at the huge weights being lifted up.

We’re set for snow now. And having stacked and stored the wood as a family, we’ve had a great weekend. We’re all winners. Especially, now the fire is lit, Sid the Cat.


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