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A magic Snowman just flew into a little boy’s world


We had a special moment on the weekend.

A certain little boy had turned on the pre-dawn charm in search of new and exciting iPad content.  Peering through the pre-coffee fug, I managed to call up YouTube and searched for seasonal specialities.

We found The Snowman.

One song and 26 minutes later, his world had changed.  Since that dark Saturday morning we’ve discussed little else beside motorbikes, green-scarf-and-hat combos, anthracite coal buttons, and the unspeakable hilarity of pineapples and bananas alternating as noses.  The most important subject of all has been The Blue Snowman Scarf: conclusive scientific and historical proof, if any were needed, that Santa is real.

I was his age when The Snowman premiered on one of the nostalgically limited four television channels and it’s been lovely to return to seeing Christmas through the eyes of a little fellow.

And I have a feeling that The Big Man will be leaving under our tree, for a certain little boy, a blue scarf with snowmen, wrapped in blue paper.  You see, as my son will explain, both Santa and The Snowman are real.

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