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Raiders of the lost past

The Gentleman Explorer

This year, we’re having an Explorer Party.

It all started with a visit to Cardiff’s magnificent National Museum.  Leading the expedition clad as a gentleman explorer, with trusty brogues to counter the harshest conditions, The Boy was joined by two comradely five-year-olds, a smattering of younger sisters, and half a dozen parents to take care of provisions and historical explanations.

Having played The Statue Game (prizes for the best tableau imitation of the museum’s finest) we piled into the latest exhibition. Mams headed for ancient art, dads for the Indiana Jones hat, and children made a beeline for mummies and skeletons.

Several hours later we’d identified skulls, inspected Billy The Seal’s mortal remains, laid waste to the splendid coffee and cakes, and emerged with the finest addition to his wardrobe. Every gentleman needs a pith helmet. Especially one who’s going to be an explorer.

So moving into half term, out for the afternoon with Dad, we went in search of ancient treasures.

Where better than a fine antiques centre?

We found ancient weaponry.

The fine art of classical civilisations.

The military relics of a lost empire.

And best of all, Big Game.

It’s great being five.


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