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De Grifflet on Democracy

“Dad, where did you say are we going tomorrow morning?”

“We’re going to vote before we go to school.”

“Is that voting when the grown ups choose the person to be in charge of the whole world forever?”

“Well it’s the person in charge of the country for five years.”

“I’m five years too, Dad.  But I’m not in charge, am I?”

“Afraid not, son.  Can you remember what we do when we vote?”

[actions] “The grown ups write on a piece of paper and it’s a secret and they get counted up, all the pieces of paper, and the winner is the person in charge.”

“Essentially yes.  And that’ll probably be either Mr Miliband or Mr Cameron.”

“Dad, I think you should vote for the one who makes the best choices.”

“Yes.  Thanks for that. I will.”

“Dad, you shouldn’t vote for the one who is nasty and mean to poorly people.”

“You’re right there too.”

“Dad, I want to ask something else, and it’s super important.”

“Go on?”

“Dad, has Mr Milliband got lots of legs?”


Personal views of a wordsmithing, sartorialist, horn-playing, state school Oxonian dad, rugby ref, recovering politico, and fan of vintage tailoring, Ralph Lauren style, and sharp writing.

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