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Vote early, vote often

Took The Boy to do civic duty this morning.  We’re electing a constituency Assembly Member, four regional AMs, and a Police & Crime Commissioner.  He’s already getting the adrenalin-charged idea of the simple, mundane, huge, significant, awe-inspiring experience of putting a cross on a piece of paper and picking who’s in charge.

We’ve discussed the Rosa Parks (who his Dad met), the Chartists (who his Dad didn’t meet), my first vote, Dad and mam campaigning for Uncle Lord Don, Landslide Lyndon LBJ, voting in any number of other countries, Mr Millyband (yes, the one with lots of feet), and now we have a new dimension to his understanding of the history of electoral politics.

In casting my parents’ proxy votes and my own, I’ll have voted a total of 9 times today in the names of three different people.  We now know what it was like to live in 1950s Chicago.

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