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Thanks to all our readers

Photo 28-08-2016, 10 09 11Master Griffin’s account of his visit to Big Pit has now gained 309 views.

It has been retweeted a dozen times, shared by seasoned communications professionals, elected representatives, and at least one hard-bitten real newspaper editor.  It’s also been replied to by the lovely comms team at Big Pit.

Thank you to you all, you sentimental, lovely people.  You are soft.

We now have a little boy who understands why writing is great, why one word after another word after another word is one of the most powerful weapons in the world, and most of all is proud of his hard work.  He’s beaten his Dad in page views, which to a little boy who’s shorter than his friends and trying to make his mark in the world is gold. He’s also a young man who wants to be a writer.

But most importantly of all, he sees in a new way why his ideas and what he has to say matter to other people.

Thank you.

From his biggest fans.



Personal views of a wordsmithing, sartorialist, horn-playing, state school Oxonian dad, rugby ref, recovering politico, and fan of vintage tailoring, Ralph Lauren style, and sharp writing.

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